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About us

    The specialty fiber division Sinoma science-technology Co., ltd (Former the 6th Division Nanjing fiberglass research & design institute) is the national engineering research base of the specialty fibers and its products mainly concentrate on the research and development on the following products.

    ● High strength glass (S glass) fiber & fabric
    ● High silica glass fiber & fabric
    ● High modulus glass(M glass) fiber & fabric
    ● Low dielectric loss glass (D glass)fiber & fabric
    ● Irradiation resistant glass fiber & fabric
    ● HS glass hollow glass fiber
    ● As well as various of near-shape performs & three-Dimensional fabrics

    which are applied in aviation, aerospace, weapons, marine, military electronics, industrial , sports & recreation.
We certified with ISO9001 & national military product supplier in 2003.

    Our quality policy: Base on new Science-Technology, consistent innovation & improving , we research and develop the first class specialty fiber & fabric to meet the demand & expectation of our customers.
We are dedicated to the specialty fibers and its products of our customers worldwide

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