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About us

    The filtration division affiliated to SINOMA Science and Technology Co., Ltd. (No. 7 div. of Nanjing Fiberglass Research and Design Institute) has devoted its effort in the research, development and production of continuous glass fiber and all sorts of temperature filtration material. It has strong expertise and has acquired over 20 patents. It has been granted the honor of over 10 S & T awards at both provincial and national level. Its major product mix includes Fiberglass membrane filter material (Filtex), textured filter cloth, fiberglass/synthetic fiber needled felt, flat filter cloth as well as other FRP reinforcements and heat insulation and air cleaning material. Its products are widely used all over China and export to USA, Germany, Korea, Japan and Pakistan etc.

    It has over 400 employees, of whom there are over 60 technical personnel, 6 of them are specialists at national rank. Its annual output of filter material is more than 5million meters. It has complete technology and production facility for fiber production, weaving, needling, surface finish, membrane application and sewing. Finished products find wide application in the cement, carbon black, iron and steel, chemical industry, metallurgy and power generation for smoke and soot cleaning and precious particles recovery. Its specialty fabric is used in returning cabin of man-carrying spacecraft “Shenzhou”.

    Adhering to the policy of “quality first, seeking superiority”, it has first passed ISO9001 attestation in the circle.

    We shall devote ourselves consistently to provide our first class product and service, advanced technology for better contribution to China’s environment protection.

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